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Are you looking for assistance to achieve a better life? If your goal is to create accountability in your life, have better fulfilment and stronger connections to others and to the spiritual world, I may be the guide you are looking for. As a self-aware and intelligent person, you expect evidential support for results. This also aligns with my values and multi-disciplinary working style. If you want to achieve a happier life and to experience the healing you desire, working with an intuitive like me who is highly focused on your emotional needs and able to create a supportive process will help guide you to the clarity you deserve.

Mediumship readings

Focus is always on discovery, grief support when needed, healing and uplifting of spirit. I work with my clients in a safe and private setting that allows space to be held for release and renewal.

Tarot & Intuitive Reader

Tarot and intuitive readings can help clarify where you are on your path and where you are going. Historically used for predicative readings, these practices have so much more to offer.

Spiritual Healing

I offer no-touch spiritual and trance healing sessions in a safe, calm, and confidential environment. Spiritual healing works at the core of the problem, which addresses physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs.

Workshops and Events

Group settings can become important catalysts for personal development. I provide workshops and other events throughout the year as stand-alone sessions, which can also be utilized as supplements to the personalized one-to-one work you may wish to do with me. Interactive and often fun, all group events I offer provide a safe and supportive environment where you can relax, learn, and share what’s going on for you.

Experienced Coach

Career Coach

10+ years experience and training in the career coaching field. Helped hundreds of people on their vocational journey

Life Coach

Having clarity and gaining new perspectives is a life changer. I can assist you to live the life you were meant to live

Spiritual Coach

By working with spirituality at a deep level that addresses all areas of life, we can help you heal and feel fulfilled and joyful.

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