About Joy

About JOY

The Beginning

For as long as I can remember having dreams, helping others through my spiritual gifts has been my calling.

As I grew up, I went out into the world and worked in career coaching and employment counselling. Providing life coaching also became a part of my offerings, which has also been very rewarding.

Throughout all my working life as a facilitation trainer and as a coach, I continued to be drawn to magical experiences and the spiritual realm. 

Always the one to value training, I decided to develop my intuitive skills. By utilizing my intuition through tarot cards, evidential mediumship, healing, and other tools, I closely work with spirit and know in each moment how to help my clients achieve greater connections and better their lives.


The emotional needs of my clients guides what I do and to who I am as an intuitive. With my previous training in counselling and coaching, I bring accountability to our work together. As all areas of life are inter-related, my unique skills and training enables me to provide a full range of services covering career, life and spiritual counselling in a balanced and direct way.

Evidential Work

You will get my complete focus on your needs and we will stick to evidential work so you can be sure we are on the right track. Your self-awareness and critical thinking abilities will be an important part of this journey together.

Comfortable setting

You will appreciate my calmness and warmth, as I draw on my experience and gifts to guide you in a safe and gentle way. There are no quick fixes here, but healing and connection to spirit is available. A transformation is possible – your path awaits.

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